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Posidonia in freedom

posidonia en formentera

Posidonia in freedom

The beaches of the Balearic Islands are governed by a fragile natural balance, where the oceanic posidonia develops a primordial function for the sustainability of these natural paradises.

Knowing the true nature of the coastal ecosystems of the Balearic Islands allows us to understand their needs and promote concrete actions for their protection. The posidonia is a value, it is a natural asset inherent to the Balearic Islands and the presence on its beaches is a symptom of environmental richness, on the other hand necessary to preserve the great richness in flora and fauna linked to this marine plant.

If you like the Balearic Islands, you like posidonia on its beaches. Otherwise, what you really like is not the magical nature of these islands, but to alter nature for your personal use and enjoyment, according to your own values, artificially modeling the truth and altering the natural balance, with serious environmental damage that this is implicit. Enjoy a free posidonia and share with her the paradise where she lives.